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of the winds into the central channel, the three visions and clear light appear. Everything that exists comes from the mind. You may think that a statue or thangka is just a statue or thangka, but it is the transcendental wisdom of dharmakaya, which understands and directly sees absolute truth, as well as conventional truth. When the person drinks Tibetan tea, it makes him want to vomit. However, by actualizing the Highest Yoga Tantra path, one can finish accumulating all this merit within one brief lifetime - even within a few years. Lama Tsongkapa explains that this is the result of covetousness, one of the ten non- virtues. Aware that all the Buddhas are abiding on the statue, you make offerings to all the Buddhas and generate secret bliss in all their holy minds, which is the essence of the offering. This emptiness is the absolute nature of existence.

Samsara comes from the mind of ignorance not realizing the absolute nature of the. The Buddhas are always there. He served his guru in this way every day. There will be the omniscient mind of enlightenment. This book exists there; it exists by the mind merely labelling there. One day after he had cleaned his guru's room, Geshe Chagyulwa was taking the garbage down the steps. The qualities of the dharmakaya Wherever there is dharmakaya, the holy mind of Buddha, there is the vehicle of the subtle wind.

You can then achieve the Vajradhara state either in this life or the next. You have made. To have this happen you need to take Highest Yoga Tantra initiation, as the other three tantras - Action, Performance and Yoga - do not reveal the methods of the body mandala and the very secret, profound meditations of dakas and dakinis blessing the chakras. During meditation, in order to experience the twenty-five absorptions, three visions and clear light of example by stopping the gross consciousness, the winds from all the chakras and channels in the different parts of the body have to enter. Dharmakaya is the subtle mind one-pointedly concentrating on the emptiness of all existence by seeing it directly. There is no way you can define an object as existing if it is not an object of valid mind. When they taste Tibetan tea, Tibetans - and even some Westerners - experience a pleasant taste, on which they label "delicious." The pleasant feeling arises due to the person's previous karma and the person then labels "delicious" on that feeling.

They are always inseparable and the same in essence. When one reaches the higher levels of realization, dirty and clean, avoidance and practice are the same. Wherever there is emptiness, there is Buddha, and there is dharmakaya, oneness with absolute nature forever, like having poured water into water. The stream of our consciousness - actually, we are talking here about the subtle mind - never ceases. This is the very root.


Doing the meditations in the sadhanas, which contain the practice of the four purities, is a skillful tantric method to complete the accumulation of unbelievably extensive merit in a short time. He cannot stand the thought that other sentient beings are obscured and in samsara; their being in samsara even one hour, even one minute, is like they are suffering for many aeons. Arhats and Arya bodhisattvas who are not practitioners of Highest Yoga Tantra also possess wisdom directly perceiving emptiness but it is a grosser wisdom, not the subtle mind of dharmakaya. The practitioner of the Highest Yoga Tantra path who has realized the clear light of example has no worry at all that he will be reborn in the lower realms. During the breaktimes when he manifests in the illusory body, the submerged dual view arises again and there is the appearance of true existence. Because of this, even the subtle mind of such an Arya bodhisattva cannot meditate in equipoise on emptiness forever, like having put water into water, without needing to arise from that meditation. We need to manifest in the rupakaya, which comprises the sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya.

The clear light of example, this subtle mind of transcendental wisdom realizing emptiness, is called "the tantra mahamudra realization of non-dual bliss and voidness." You can see that without this realization you cannot reach the illusory body or any. Dharmakaya is the completely pure subtle transcendental wisdom realizing absolute nature. And it is the same with all the rest of existence: all the respective existents exist by depending on the base and the mind that labels. When you understand dharmakaya a little, you can understand the subtle wind, which is the vehicle of this subtle mind. By giving the four perfect Highest Yoga Tantra initiations, the qualified vajra guru definitely plants the seed of the four kayas in the mind of the disciple. Let's say that you smash a brick into pieces with a hammer, then into a powder and use the powder to make a vase. This is the whole point of why we need to practice tantra in order to achieve enlightenment.

This is why the long Vajrayogini and Tara Cittamani sadhanas, which have a body mandala, are so secret and precious. (The unification of no-more learning is the unification of the dharmakaya and rupakaya.) Because sentient beings have different levels of mind, in order to guide each particular sentient being, at different times we may need to manifest in different. However, the emptiness of the brick is not shigpa as it does not change due to a principal cause, nor can it be stopped by a condition. Therefore, wherever there is existence, there is emptiness. One first achieves the clear light of example, which is a subtle mind that sees emptiness mixed with dual view.

Why Highest Yoga Tantra is the quickest path. Wherever Buddha's holy mind is, there is Buddha's holy body. In The Great Lam-rim Commentary Lama Tsongkapa says that sometimes when you eat fruit that is supposed to be sweet, you unexpectedly find it tastes sour or bad. At no time does this subtle mind leave the object of emptiness. Dharmakaya itself is the subtle transcendental wisdom completely purified of even subtle dual view, which one-pointedly and inseparably abides forever on the emptiness of all existence, like pouring water into water. When Lama Atisha was circumambulating the stupa in Bodhgaya, the statue of Tara and the ivory statue of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha spoke to him, saying: "Great yogi, if you want to achieve enlightenment quickly, you must practice bodhicitta." To particular beings. The subtle mind and subtle wind are the same in essence, simply having different labels because of their different functions. This strong faith is an infallible sign that a person has realization of emptiness. There is no place where the mind cannot discover Buddha." This helps very much to persuade your mind to practice Dharma and accumulate merit. This is why this perfect human rebirth is unbelievably precious.

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Without depending on the mind knowing an object, or the knower (I am talking here about the mind, not the person there is no way an object can exist. The dakas and dakinis bless the drops, chakras and winds in order to make them serviceable. When you hear this word there, you should understand that there is a book on this base - not from the side of the base, but from the side of the mind. From the side of the mind, there. If you do a Highest Yoga Tantra practice such as Heruka or Vajrayogini in this southern continent, especially near the twenty-four holy places in India, Nepal and Tibet, the dakas and dakinis bless your chakras and drops. Anything that exists is empty of existing without depending on the mind. The transcendental wisdom of dharmakaya is completely pure subtle mind one-pointedly concentrating on emptiness forever. When you hear the word there, the understanding that should come in your mind is that nothing exists from its own side. In dependence upon the base, that particular shape, thought merely labels there on the base - this is the subtle, critical point to understand.

The impure illusory body still has nyön-drip, disturbing-thought obscurations, whereas the pure illusory body is free of these. This is also why Heruka practice is particularly precious, with many meditators doing the long sadhana every day. After achieving the subtle mind of the clear light of example, by continuing to develop this subtle transcendental wisdom realizing emptiness, one achieves the impure illusory body. Before achieving the clear light of meaning, one achieves the clear light of example and the impure illusory body. By taking initiations, doing body mandala practices and receiving the blessing of the dakas and dakinis, and practicing The Six Yogas of Naropa, you can more quickly achieve the tantra mahamudra realization. Kadampa Geshe Chagyulwa's life-story is always praised because he was extremely obedient in correctly devoting himself in thought and action to his virtuous friend, Geshe Dolungpa. When everyone has removed the two obscurations, there will be no such thing as samsara, nor even the lower nirvana, which is mere release from the bondage of karma and disturbing thoughts. In order to make the subtle wind-mind function and have control over the winds so that you can bring them into the central channel, your drops, chakras and winds need to be blessed by the dakas and dakinis. Since the continuation of this subtle mind never ceases, there is always dharmakaya. Continue to Next Section).

Without depending on a valid mind, nothing can exist. In order to do body mandala practices, you need to take Highest Yoga Tantra initiations, then practice the sadhanas, training your mind in these meditations every day. Your view, in which you believe one hundred percent, is that this object exists from its own side as beautiful. Every morning when Geshe Chagyulwa cleaned his guru's room, he collected the garbage in his robes, took it downstairs and threw it out. Wherever you are, whether a clean or dirty place, Buddha is also there. While it is still a brick, the brick itself is shigpa, which means in decay, or changing due to cause. A gross mind cannot be the principal cause of dharmakaya; the principal cause has to be a subtle mind. Samsara comes from the mind. You believe that it is permanently beautiful. It is Buddha's holy mind.

Even if you do not complete the path in this life, at least you can complete it in the intermediate stage or in your next life. Samsara and nirvana, good and bad, enemy and friend: the whole of existence exists in dependence upon the mind. Enlightenment, the indestructible vajra holy body of Buddha free from all suffering, comes from the virtuous mind of method and wisdom. This subtle mind sees emptiness one-pointedly and directly all the time and is forever inseparable from the emptiness of all existence, like having put water into water. The vase does not exist from there, but on there, from the side of the mind. He feels as if a spear has gone into his own heart.

Dharmakaya is purified completely of even subtle dual view - forever. That uncomfortable feeling also results from the individual's own karma. Let's use Tibetan tea as an example. The holy mind of dharmakaya is completely free from all stains, even subtle dual view, but we cannot guide sentient beings simply by abiding in dharmakaya. This involves unification of the subtle mind of clear light, which directly perceives emptiness, and the pure illusory body, which has the thirty-two major and eighty minor signs similar to a Buddha.

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We are both seeing the same person at the same time. This word gives a very clear understanding that the book exists on that base with a particular shape. Dharmakaya involves the subtle wind and subtle mind, which are the same in essence but have different names because of their different functions. Whether it is blessed or not, all the numberless Buddhas are living on this Tara statue. Even if Geshe Chagyulwa was offering a mandala, with all the grains piled up, as soon as he heard his guru's voice calling him, he immediately stopped offering the mandala and went to serve him. Since these gross minds have to be stopped to achieve even the clear light of example, you can understand that there is no way the gross consciousness can become the principal cause of dharmakaya. It is clear that it exists by being merely labelled there. One general way, as His Holiness explained, is through meditating on the four purities: purity of body, body tantra nuru homosexuell soap call pojkar in sweden place, enjoyments and actions. This subtle mind does not exist in the Paramitayana.

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When you have reached these very high tantric realizations, everything in the teachings becomes your own experience. To use a simple example: While I am seeing someone as very ugly and undesirable, another person may see him as very enchanting and desirable. They are empty of existing without depending on the base and the mind. In order to achieve dharmakaya, the immediate principal cause has to be a similar subtle mind. This subtle mind abides in equipoise meditation on emptiness forever, directly seeing the emptiness of all existence without duality of subject and object, like having poured water into water. In Paramitayana all the minds that directly realize emptiness are gross minds. First of all we need to practice tantra for the sake of other sentient beings; this is the purpose of practicing tantra. Receiving the four Highest Yoga Tantra initiations - vase, secret, wisdom and word initiations - plants the seed of the four kayas and permits us to meditate on and train our mind in the Highest Yoga Tantra path. It is covered by all the Buddhas' holy mind. Body Tantra Nuru Homosexuell Soap Call Pojkar In Sweden

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